Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sheep and Wool Festival

We had a fun adventure going to the sheep and wool festival. We were really amazed at the amount of people that was there. It was a rainy sort of morning when we got there. But by the time we left it had cleared up and the people had increased. : )009

It was really neat to see how many different kinds of sheep there are and how each bred of sheep has a little different kind of wool. It was really a fun experience. The children had fun patting the little lambs, and little Emmy, our youngest was practicing a baby lamb sound all the way home. It was so cute.


My oldest daughter really wanted to get a souvenir, which turned into a whole other story. But I bought some wool roving and when we got home and after she had gotten a better perspective. We had fun making a little felt horse. Im hoping to put it on a pin for her as soon as I find my pin backs. : )

019I also found some really lovely yarn I wanted to share with you Im looking so forward to making something out of them.010


Lisa said...

What a great day. We attend a great wool festival every September. They are so much fun, we love to see the animals that provide the wonderful wool fibers which we use to sew and felt with everyday. Such a great learning experience for us all. I was determined last year to raise llamas or alpacas because of the beautiful ones we saw at the festival. Turned out to be a little to expensive (a llama can cost the same amount as a small new car). Maybe angora bunnies when the girls get older.....

The horse is sooooo cute. Great job. Thanks for the May printouts, I always use them.

Tan Family said...

How lucky you are to attend a wool festival! So many wonderful things to see. I love the yarn. :)

Jen said...

What a beautiful felted horse! Your daughter did a fabulous job and yes, I second Lisa's comment - great job on the May printouts. I started to use them, too and appreciate them very much!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Jane said...

Thank you so much for the comments! It is encouraging to know that the planning pages are being used by others and not just by me. : ) It will help me to keep creating them : ) Thanks again.