Friday, July 31, 2009

Here are the August planning pages. It is amazing to me how fast this summer is going by! I have started working really hard on planning for our next school year. Im really excited about it!! Im hoping the kids will enjoy it : ) I probably wont be posting very much here on my blog. I actually havent posted as much as I wanted to this summer. Time just seem to fly by. Then by the time I sit down to post something it seems like such old news. Have a wonderful rest of the summer!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Musical Fairy


Im excited to share with you a new adventure I will be trying.  I have finally opened an Esty shop.   My first item is this Fairy that my daughter created.  I   took this sweet Fairy and transferred her onto some cotton muslin and embroidered her.   Here are some pictures of how she turned out.




I really love the Klutz book on beginning embroidery for children it is such a great book for anyone,  wanting to learn how to do hand embroidery.  One of the things I love about it is it shows the author’s work.  Through out the book it is illustrated with pictures that have been embroidered.  So cute and when I first saw the book it reminded me of my daughter’s drawings.  So I had originally gotten it for her.  : ) 

I have another Music Fairy in the works that Im hoping to get posted soon.  But it has been interesting to see how each one takes on their own look.  It has been a fun experience to share with my daughter.

If you would like to stop by and have a look at our new little store you will find us at :

Friday, July 10, 2009

Days of Discovery


We are trying something a little different this summer with what we are calling Days of Discovery : ) I have been wanting to try weaving with the children ever since I saw a lovely article in the spring Living Crafts magazine.

Our Days of Discovery will explore all the fun ideas that I've been wanting to share with the children (including weaving). : ) I loved how in the magazine they showed children using cardboard as their loom. So here are our attempts. : )


Challee wanted to decorate her loom.


Here is one of her projects in progress. There are also signs of little sister handy work in the back ground. Emma had been helping me water flowers earlier. : ) Its funny how I didn't even notice the water until I put the pictures on the computer.



This one is Challee’s finished project. : )

I'm looking forward to trying this again. It was a lot of fun. Maybe next time I'll try using some natural materials.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I found this quote about the Earth laughing in flowers a long time ago, but now that I'm using it on these planning pages I can't find its source. If any one knows, I would love to find out and put it on these pages. I have felt so grateful for the kind response that I have recieved from my posts. It can be really challenging to share things that I create -- it's kind of like exposing your soul and what if other don't like it? Then sometimes I'm just not sure if they are good enough, but as I have read others' blogs I truly have been inspired and encouraged to go ahead and share my artwork (heart) with others. Creating my designs (for my planning pages and other things) has been a real source of joy for me and I want to share that I do not mind if they are used to bring others joy. My only request is that you share that the design came from me : )