Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fairies visit

The fairies came and it looks like they had a wonderful time!  Our fairy house just doesn’t look the same : )  There must have been some rambunctious fairies visiting.

They did leave behind some treasures so I'm hoping they had a grand time.



(I had a lot of fun making these for the girls. I wasn't sure if I could knit a pony but it didn't turn out to bad for a first attempt. I got the pattern from the book Toymaking with children by Freya Jaffke.   I also had some wool roving which became the girl : )  )


They also left a bag of candy which  Challee shared with the boys. They were pretty happy about that.  : ) Now its time to curl up and do some reading with the children.  I think perhaps we will read The Flowers Festival by Elsa Beskow and then I found this book called Legends From Fairyland By Holmes Lee. 

Have a wonderful Day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fairy House


Challee and I had a grand time building a fairy house this week.  Here is the beginning of our work.006

I thought it was so neat how the light shined on the spot where we were working.



Then we went to work putting up the wall and roof.

I kind of liked it before we put the bark on.

021             (This is our front entrance)

Time for the fun part decorating! We are hoping to have a magical fairy party at our  place on Wednesday.  Perhaps the fairies will have a grand ball and come dressed in there finest.025

Here is a side view of our house with the walk way leading up to the front entrance way.

031       (Here is the back view of our fairy house)

Hopefully they wont mind that it’s close to our house but it just seemed like the perfect spot.   Happy Mid Summers Eve or Fairy Day.  : )

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fairy Day

We are so excited to celebrate Fairy Day! Come and enjoy the magic with us! Share with us the fun adventures that you will be having on this day! Here's a great Web site to help in your celebration preparation's Have fun!


boy studing                                                                   Norman Rockwell


We must not offer children understanding merely for their ears, but we must communicate from

                                          Soul to Soul.

                                                                                         Rudolf Steiner

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



This week Ancient Hearth sent me (Jane) a Watermelon Award. Sweet!

I accept and reciprocate by sharing six things that make me happy

1. Family The sound of children’s laughter, little hugs from tiny arms, reading and sharing books together and listening to my older boys tell me all their wonderful ideas. Sharing grand adventures together as a family.

2. My Dear Husband -He truly is my Sunshine.

3. NatureI love trees, flowers, rain, and the seasons. The Dogwoods blooming stirs my very soul. But then comes Autumn and I'm sure that's my favorite time of the year -- with all the magical colors.

4. Being CreativeI am learning how to knit and crochet. It is so fun! I also love to embroider and work with watercolors. Working with my hands brings me so much joy.

5. Homeschooling- Over the years this has become very dear to my heart. It is so wonderful to be able to spend this precious time with my children. It is going by so fast. I love learning how to do it better too : )

6. Reading- I love to curl up with a good book, and enter into a land of enchantment. A lot of times, though, it is a book on Waldorf Education or something about home education. I tend to have a hard time putting the other kinds of books down. The all-nighters are getting to hard on me. ; )

In turn, I nominate these six, refreshing mamas (in no particular order):

The Magic Onion Has the cutest little fairy folk visiting her blog and such a sweet Etsy store. I really enjoy reading her posts.

Beth over at Road to Joy She is very creative and has lovely ideas of ways she spends time with her family.

Black Cool Homeschooling Blog has some wonderful ideas, I so enjoy reading her post. Its so fun to see the positive effects of homeschooling and the results in other families.

Breezy over at A Bowl of Moss & Pebble has enchanting art work that she sales at her Etsy shop. I love to go and look at all her drawings they are truly enchanting.

At the Gnome Hollow Play Garden- they have some very inspiring ideas. Its a Waldorf-inspired Summer Parent/Child Program. They are so creative.

The Sweetest Things- has some lovely ways to add a little bit of sugar to your day : )

I would love to hear what makes you happy, but please don't feel obligated. There is much love to go around; pass the melons!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning Routine



Lovely sweet mornings the time when are souls can commune with heaven. 

At lest that is the dream, of waking refreshed ready to start another fabulous day full of adventure and discovery with dear children that we love. : )

Then there is Reality where you have been up early, early in the morning with a little one who had a bad cough.  Or you just didnt get to bed soon enough to get  all the sleep you needed or maybe its just hard to get a good diet going so you can feel refreshed.

All of these thing seem to come into play with my dream of getting up early and having time to myself.

But I am finding if I really put forth the effort and set that as truly something of great value to me, it is starting to happen more often then not.

My morning unfolds with writing down all the thoughts that pop into my head this is known as Morning Pages. Taken from Julia Cameron in her books, the Artist Way and The Vein of Gold.

Then a walk through the woods, and then some study time before I need to get breakfast going for the children.  Im finding I feel more at peace and positive about my day if I will work on these activities.  The first helps me get rid of any negative thoughts that might be lurking in the corners of my mind, then the walk helps me fill my mind with lovely images and needed fresh air and exercise. 


There is something so healing and nurturing being out doors and out among nature early in the morning or any time really.

  Then the third activity of study helps me to  fill my mind with wonderful positive thoughts that will help me throughout the rest of my day. 

I think it is so important that we do find time to feed our hearts and minds with beauty that we can be a source of hope and strength to those around us and especially to our families.  The world has such a way of pulling on us.  Always striving to make things that are of little importance seem so vital.   It can be very hard to keep focused on what is of real importance to us. But I’m finding carving out this time in the morning to be well worth the struggles it takes to achieve it.