Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fairy House


Challee and I had a grand time building a fairy house this week.  Here is the beginning of our work.006

I thought it was so neat how the light shined on the spot where we were working.



Then we went to work putting up the wall and roof.

I kind of liked it before we put the bark on.

021             (This is our front entrance)

Time for the fun part decorating! We are hoping to have a magical fairy party at our  place on Wednesday.  Perhaps the fairies will have a grand ball and come dressed in there finest.025

Here is a side view of our house with the walk way leading up to the front entrance way.

031       (Here is the back view of our fairy house)

Hopefully they wont mind that it’s close to our house but it just seemed like the perfect spot.   Happy Mid Summers Eve or Fairy Day.  : )


Lisa said...

This is the most beautiful fairy house! I'm sure a fairy moved right on in!

lisa :)

themagiconions said...

Too lovely, Jane. It's perfect for my 'Friday's Nature Table' post from today. I'd be honored it you would post it there.
Blessings and magic.

themagiconions said...

LOL, you are just like me! Can I tell you how long I spent trying to get Mr Linky working!
Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational post on 'Friday's Nature Table'.
Blessings and magic.

MamaRose said...

Simply beautiful! I want to make a home for the fairie folk!

Jen said...

Jane, for some reason, I missed this post. This is a GORGEOUS fairy house! You are such an artist :) I'm inspired!