Monday, March 1, 2010

New Discovery

I just found this site Latter-day Homeschoolers.  It looks like its going to have a lot of wonderful resources to explore.  Im looking forward to curling up and reading all the different posts.  They are having a give away and one of the items is an e-book called Discover the Joys of Easter I was just looking at the book and it looks really neat.  Discover the Joys of Easter has some wonderful looking recipes of foods from other countries and what they make for their Easter Celebrations. I also liked how it talked about the passover, I was just reading about that with the children for our family devotional.   I am really thinking about getting this e-book.   I love books about Celebrations and it really looks like a good one with lots of meaningful activities!!!  It really looks like a great site.

Latter-day Homeschooling
  Sorry I havent written for such a long time.  A whole month has gone by.  We have been buried under so much snow I have just felt like a slug longing for spring.  : )


T-Bird said...

Nice to hear from you again1 :-D
Still waiting for march to really begin with your fabulous planning pages (no preassure, haha) ;-)

Jeanette said...

Hi! I noticed your comment over at the LDS Homeschoolers blog and wanted to send you a message but could not find your e-mail on your blogger profile page.
You mentioned you are in Virginia so I was wondering if you are going to the LDS Eastern Home Educators Conference in May? It is at Southern Virginia University. I am hoping to go. I would love to make some connections with LDS homeschooling families in the east and midwest.

Jane said...

Hi Jeanette,
I dont think Ill be going. But I would still enjoy making a new friend. Do you have a blog? Here is my e-mail address I would love to hear from you.