Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New September Planning Pages

Im so glad fall is on it way!!!  Its been a long and hot summer for us.  Im looking forward to all the wonderful festivals and holidays that are just around the corner. : ) I hope you have a very wonderful autumn season!!!


kim said...

Your planning pages are beautiful. I was trying to print them and for some reason when I click on the image it does not come up as a printable page (it has information at the top of the page). The older pages with the year on them do not do this. Any ideas?

Thanks, Kim

Jane said...

Hi Kim,
Im not sure why the pages are not printing up the same. I used the same form and just changed the picture. I even posted them the same way. I printed them off from my blog too and they worked for me. Has any one else been having this challenge too and might know what to do? I will keep looking into this and see if I can find an answer.