Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Good Witch

Did any of you see the show The Good Witch and The Good Witches Garden done recently by Hallmark. I really ended up liking these two shows. They were just fun. I liked how the main character encouraged those around her with a little creativity to find ways to solve the challenges that they faced. To me that was the magic of the show. She had such a creative way of working with the children. I would like to try and be more creative in how I work with my children. As the years go by its easy to get in to a rot or simply survival mode. I think one thing that is needed to create an enchanting home life is for me to become more organize my self. That I stick to my personal daily schedule. That will be my goal for the rest of this month and for the coming month. Those shows of the Good Witch reminded me of some of my earlier dreams of how I wanted to add a bit of magic to my every day. I am hoping to share the fun thing I find in helping with creating a enchanting home life.

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Texasblu said...

I have just read your entire site - I'm so glad to have found you. I have been doing TJed and I have been chafing lately under the lack of imagination from the group I am in. They don't do ANYTHING magical at all - for them, it's all about surviving Communist rule. Just yesterday I was introduced to Waldorf by a woman who incorporates it into her TJed home, and showed me what she does. I am so in love with what she showed me, so I looked to see if anyone else did this and I found your blog. I don't do "following" because I never read stuff from my dashboard, but I'm adding you to my homeschooling links because I see myself in many of your posts - myself that I haven't allowed myself to be. Thank you so much.