Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creating a One of Kind Planner

I was sharing in my last post about the importance of planning out your day. So I thought it would be fun to share with you some free resources to build your own planner. I like to start out with the binders you can get at Wal-mart the ones with the clear pocket in the front.
Then I like to get the file folders and I cut them in half, then I place a lined loose leaf paper over the top of that and cut it down so it will fit better in to the binder. You just have to make sure that the tap you want is in the right place before cutting. Then I have fun decorating them with some of my favorite pictures that match my dividers. I have one for Spiritual, Family,Home Education,Domestic Goddess(Home Caring), Home For the Heart Academy(Personal study,Art Projects). Here are some pictures to give one an idea, but they are just to give you an idea, Im sure you will want to personalize your Dividers and have fun decorating them.
I am also including some daily planning pages. I just have February done but Im hoping to post March soon. A wonderful resource in helping build your planner is she has all kinds of wonderful Schedule and calender pages to help you on building your own planner.
Good Luck and I hope you have a fun time creating your own one of kind planner.

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