Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Spring Garden

My Miss Challee had a wonderful time on the first day of Spring creating these moss gardens with her Grandfather. My parents were here from Missouri visiting with us for a couple of days. It was so fun to have them come.


This one is Challee’s Garden

011 and here is Grandpa’s : )

To build your own moss garden you just need a firm base, they used a slab of rock and a piece of wood. Then you go and collect some different kinds of moss that you might have in your yard, and other natural items to decorate with. When your done putting it all together just sprinkle with some water. I have been having Challee sprinkle her gardens with water everyday or so. Its probably best to do in the morning time especially during the summer months. Over at Five Orange Potatoes blog she has a wonderful activity that Im excited to share with the children. She created a terrarium with moss. They were studying the carbon cycle. Its a wonderful post. Hope you enjoy and if you make some gardens share with us how they turn out we would love to see them!


Tan Family said...

This is a wonderful idea!

Lisa said...

This is beautiful! How lovely that your daughter did this with her grandfather, good memories. Thanks for the mention and the super nice comment! You are so sweet. :)

Jimena Diaz said...

Hi is my first time here, I saw you in waldorf email list
I love to feel moss, thanks for the directions!!!
what a wonderful blog!!

Castlequeen said...

Thank you sharing this idea I came over from Waldorfschoolonline blog sharing.- I remember doing these as a girl and always added in an incense bruner that looked like a little house and a mirror for a lake. I have subcribed to your blog as a feed and will come back with another cup of coffee soon - for now I need to do some w-on-w painting with my boys

themagiconions said...

I so love moss... a moss garden is a lovely thing to create. Thanks for the idea.