Sunday, April 12, 2009

A special Easter doll made from an egg.


My oldest Daughter was looking through the Handy Book for Girls and found instructions for making an egg doll. In the book  they just made a head and decorated it but Challee wanted to give her doll a body.  So we decided we would try.   : )

First we blew out the inside of our egg by poking holes at both ends of the egg with a needle.  We stuck a thin piece of wire through our egg and twisted it at the top so it wouldn’t be able to slide back through.   Then for the arms we covered a pipe cleaner with embroidery floss and then wrapped it over our wire.




Challee used some of my watercolor pencils to add a little skin color to her face by lightly coloring her with orange and then using a brush and water to go back over it.  Then she drew on the  face with a really fine black pen. We then added wool roving as hair and just hot glued it on.  For her body we used some stuffing and then needle felted it so it would stick together and form her body.  Our next goal is to give her some clothes for Easter.  : )  I thought that I would go ahead and post what we had done so far.  It’s amazing what you can do with a simple egg : ) I am interested to see how long she lasts. 

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Tan Family said...

I love your Easter doll! Great idea. I also love the banner at the top of your blog. Beautiful...