Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Walk


We have discovered a wonderful place to go on hikes. There is a Civil War Battle site near us and they have created wonderful trails and markers that share what happened during the 3rd battle of Winchester VA. It is so sad in many ways to think of those poor men struggling so. What an awful experience. But oh how lovely it is now, its hard to imagine a war having ever taken place there.


They do have some nice resting places along the way which we did take advantage of. We are in need of some wonderful sunshine and exercise!012 009

017 Here are my dear five children.

I am really looking forward to going back to this stretch of the trail and seeing what it will look like when all the leaves are out on the trees.


I thought this little picture turned out so cute of our littlest sweetheart. I just had to share it.


I also enjoyed this lovely home that you can see from the trail. They have a Marker sharing that it was built during the Revolutionary war by British and Hessen war prisoners. It is really a lovely home.

Oh how I love spring and the beautiful spring blossoms that are all a bloom!!!


Linda said...

Such beautiful photos and that house is wonderful....

Jimena Diaz said...

Nice pictures!!!