Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween

I'm very excited to share with you a project I've been working on. When I was a little girl my mom would crochet these adorable little dolls.  I just loved them!   Well I'm so excited to share that I am now able to crochet the same little dolls.  Its taken me along time to finally learn how to crochet. I'm left handed. : )  But I have finally succeeded.020

I can now create one of these dolls for my own daughters.  I have been experimenting with different yarns and its amazing what just a little different wait of yarn will give you.


these patterns are over thirty years old but  they reminded me so much of the Waldorf dolls that I like so much.

                 Hope you have a very wonderful Halloween and a

                                                    Happy Autumn!


Christine said...

Great job! Those look nice.

Jen said...

Oh Jane, they are LOVELY! When will you put them in your etsy shop? I love them!!!!
Happy Halloween,