Friday, October 30, 2009

The Letter H


These are the letter cards I made for H following the story of
The Hut by the Bro. Grimm.  I make them out of index card using my pastel chalks. Then I cover them with contact paper so little ones can use them over and over again with out getting chalk dust on them and every thing else. : )   On the back of the letter H some of the 3 letter words I put on it were hut, hat, how, hug, hill and hi even though its not a three letter word. : )
Also here is our little verse for the letter H.  My second son helped me come up with this verse for my youngest son.   I got the idea of having a verse from a couple of places, A Path of Discovery by Eric L. Fairman, and School as a Journey  both wonderful books.  So no more ado here is our verse : )
The heroes came upon the hobbits home in the hill.
Finding none,and losing hope.
They venture to find the hobbits before the hideous , horrible
half Troll, humiliates them with his horrifying humor.
On this haunting Halloween Eve.
I wonder how hard this will be for Loch to say?  : )

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