Friday, January 28, 2011


I have decided my word of the year is going to be beauty.  I'm hoping if I am striving to create a beautiful surrounding then order and tidiness will follow : )  One of the first places I would like to start beautifying is my thoughts.  I want to chase away any negative thoughts that still want to lurk in the corners of my mind.  One of my favorite authors to help with this process is Norman Vincent Peale he has written a lovely old book   called the Power of Positive Thinking.  It is  really very charming and I'm finding it to  be a wonderful resource.  I  like all of the books I've found by him.
I've also decided to create a picture of my word of the year so I wont forget!  : ) 001
I would love to hear about your word of the year and how it is effecting your life.
I'm hoping to post each month of an experience I have been doing with my word of the year.  : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I LOVE this idea and came up with my word without even knowing about the article. This year my word is moderation ;).

Blessings to you and your family,

enchidnasdancingontherooftop said...

so cute!