Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

We are back in the swing of things.  It was an amazingly cool day its like the weather knew it was time for school to start and the temperature dropped down into the low 70.  Which is my kind of weather : )  I love to wear long sleeves shirts and a sweater.  The leaves have started changing also on some of the trees it has seemed to happen all to fast though.
The day went amazing well considering I didn't get very much sleep last night.  All my planning paid off. : )
We started the Morning off with devotional after breakfast. I would like to include some seasonal poems for the little ones more. Challee and the older boys were able to work independently on their different reading projects.  While I went to work with Loch on his school projects, and I had gotten some wooden blocks out for Emma to play with, she did really well she was either playing with the blocks or drawing with the other children so it worked out!
Here is a picture of Challee's Drawing and Summary of her book she is reading for History:

 Loch and I had a good first day together he wasnt to sure he wanted to start back up doing school but we kept it short and he did really well.  I read with him the story from The Little Garden curriculum for First Grade and then we did our form drawing.  After that we went outside and practiced jumping rope and counting the rocks around my flower garden : )  It really seemed to help having that outside break because he didnt have any trouble coming in and doing some writing which he usually hates.  Here is the picture he drew:
 While Challee was finishing up here drawing and summary.  I worked with Taylor on his math.  We are using Making Math Meaningful and we were trying to figure out how to count using number bases.  We worked in the eight base and it was really challenging but when we were all done Taylor shared that he had really enjoyed our math lesson. That it was the first time he had actally enjoyed doing math.  So Im excited to have him continue using that math program. : )  Challenging but rather fun. : )  I could feel my brain trying to expand : )  It was working hard to understand number bases and actually taylor was helping me learn it.  
So over all it went really well.  Im actually looking forward to tomorrow : ) and the adventure will have together : )

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