Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Attitude of Gratitude"

I found this really neat idea from the book LightPost for Living The art of choosing a Joyful Life byThomas Kinkade.  He suggests creating  a visual center for all the things you are grateful for.
"Simply hang a big bulletin board in your family room and fill it with reminders of everything you have to thankful for.  Add pictures of your family and pets.  Tack on mementos from trips or cards from people who care about you.  If the brilliance of autumn leaves make you joyful, add a few leaves to your board.  If you love the funny papers pin up some cartoons that make you laugh.  The point is to fill a visual center with reminders of the blessings in your life."
"If you prefer, you can set up a small table or bench and fill it with favorite things-a jar of sand from your favorite beach ,a sweet-scented candle,some framed photographs etc."
I thought this was such a fun idea I have a bulletin board  in our dinning room, Im thinking maybe I will put a shelf under it and then we can also put little treasures we find that represent the blessings in our lives.
Now all we need to do is start adding things to our board and shelf.  : )

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